HELP! I’m owned by 3 German Shepherds!

My name is Marc DeSatnik and I am the owner and founder of North Coast Pets in beautiful Auburn Township (Chagrin Falls) Ohio. North Coast Pets was started in 1986. The plan was to bring quality products to you at wholesale prices. I have much lower overhead than most so I don’t have to pass that along.

I am currently owned by 3 German Shepherds, Mace, Rexx and Elke, that are my product R&D specialists. We are active in the German sport of Schutzhund and that type of training. Their predecessors, Samson and Delilah, now at the Rainbow Bridge, are the reason I started North Coast Pets.

I have been raw feeding my dogs for 14 years now and am well equipped to answer your questions, should you have any. I don’t claim to be an expert but 14 years experience must be worth something.

I hope in time to get better at the art of blogging but together we’ll see.

How Pets Help Us Raise Amazing Kids

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Raw feeding your pet

Thinking about making the switch to raw?

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Winter Care Tips #1: Paw-Pad Trimming

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