Three Simple Steps To Nip The Nipping Behavior of Pups

It’salmost summertime in Northeast Ohio and so it’s time for pups to come out and play! While some dog owners have no complains to make, most of them experience some problems handling their pets, out of which the number one issue is biting. You should first understand that nipping is a natural behavior for puppies. Since they don’t have thumbs, they use their mouths to play with toys and explore their environment. This is why it’s important that you get the best natural dog treats that are easily chewable, when your pups begin to teethe. However, make sure that you nip this behavior so that it doesn’t continue into adulthood.

Steps to control the nipping behavior

  1. Inhibiting the biting

    When your pup tries to bite your hand too hard, let it go limp and give them a verbal cue, such as “ouch” or a loud yelp sound, expressing that you’re hurt. Try not to pull away from the bite as this can entice them to chase and continue the nipping. Once they let go, ignore them for a few seconds and then get back to playing with them. This will help your pup understand that you were hurt and mad at them for biting you. The younger the pup is, the easier it is to nip this behavior in them.

  2. Deterrence

    Make sure that your pup has enough safe toys, specially built for their breed. When a dog has alternatives to play with, they generally tend to deter nipping on human hands and fingers. However, do not stop cuddling with your pet. Human contact is a necessary part of socializing with your puppy.

  3. Socialization

    Introducing your pups to different people, places, and multiple things will help them understand what kind of behavior is expected out of them. This will help them grow with good manners and cut down on nipping and biting.

All in all, treats, toys, and socializing are the most important aspects of controlling your pups nipping behavior. Every time it tries to control the urge to bite, reward your good boy with healthy dog treats from North Coast Pets. We feature a variety of healthy dog treats with all natural ingredients for a healthy reward that your pup will love. From natural dog chews, to grain free dog biscuits and cookies, we carry the healthy options that are a welcomed alternative for loving pet owners. Get the best natural dog treats at North Coast Pets!