How to Help Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety

Does your dog scratch at the door when you or your family leave to go somewhere? Does it cry or bark excessively? Does it chew or destroy things? These are some signs that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. While not all dogs suffer from this condition, for the ones that do, it is important to understand that such behavior is not abnormal in any way.

There are many ways to treat separation anxiety, but the best way is to prevent it from developing. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Ignore your dog.

Yes, ignoring your dog may sound harsh and heartless, but it is important to prevent attention-seeking behavior and ensure that they are able to develop a sense of security and stability even when they are alone. So, when your dog follows you around, do not pay any attention.

2. Make your departure and arrival uneventful.

Don’t make a big deal out of leaving or arriving home. Remain calm and keep greetings to a minimum, which will help decrease your dog’s anxiety levels.

3. Schedule crate time for your dog.

When you or your family are home, schedule 15 to 20 minutes of crate time for your dog every day. Increase the duration gradually. However, make sure that you do not make it look like a punishment. His crate should be a happy place. This will help dissociate that time from your departure.

4. Make sure your dog can sleep alone.

While there is nothing more adorable than sharing your bed or sofa with your dog, it is important that they learn how to sleep alone in their crate. This will prepare them to spend the night peacefully even when you are not there.

If your dog is already suffering from separation anxiety, then an effective way to treat the condition is with the help of CBD treats for dogs. These treats are specially formulated to improve your dog’s health and reduce separation anxiety.

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