5 Reasons Why Your Canine’s Oral Hygiene is Important

Can you get away without brushing your teeth or flossing for a couple of days? Sure! But, thinking of bad breath gives us chills. Now, imagine your pooch constantly experiencing an unpleasant taste and intolerable bad smell. Dogs cannot speak for themselves and sometimes, don’t express their discomfort, making it their owners’ responsibility to predict the troubling cause and take actions to remedy it. 

Approximately 80% of dogs suffer dental problems by the age of 3. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), dogs’ annual dental cleanings must begin at age one to two. To promote canine’s dental hygiene, February has been designated as National Pet Dental Health Month by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Apart from annual vet visits, your dog needs regular at-home dental care. If you are still uncertain of its importance, here are a few reasons that will clear your doubts.

  • Healthy teeth and gums promote better breath – Frequently brushing your dog’s teeth prevents bad breath and one on one oral care promotes bonding.
  • Retained deciduous teeth (baby teeth) cause gum irritation – A full-grown dog has 42 teeth. If their baby teeth don’t fall out, they get irritated due to tartar build up. 
  • Dental diseases can cause heart and other organ related problems – This is a no-brainer. Dental health affects a dog’s overall health.
  • Prevent periodontal disease – Regular dental cleanups remove plaque build-up, which is the main cause of periodontal diseases. 
  • Painful loss of teeth – It’s a known fact that dogs hide their pains from their owners. You might never know your pet is in pain without regular cleaning.

Dog owners spend lavishly on their pet’s grooming, while leaving their oral health unchecked. If you are guilty of not administering the recommended oral care, it isn’t too late.  Make an appointment with your vet for a cleaning.  Better yet, and much less invasive, try some of the dental products from North Coast Pets. 

North Coast offers a number of dental cleaning products that require almost no work.  We have doggy tooth brushes and toothpaste; products to add to food or drinking water that will help remove plaque and tartar.  Many of our chew treats like the beef cheek rolls, kangaroo jerky, Himilayan cheese and meat tendons will clean your dog’s teeth without them even knowing. North Coast has the best kangaroo jerky dog treats to maintain oral health